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State Registry

This product is available to Clients Only and is designed to help you understand and comply with the myriad of state laws affecting hiring of employees and leasing property that go beyond the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our goal is to present these restrictions, suggested practices, practical tips, and ongoing notifications in an easy-to-use format and in plain English. When using these materials, understand that if a state has a law identical to the FCRA or is less restrictive than the FCRA, this state law is not mentioned in the materials because it has no practical effect. The materials also contain restrictions enacted by some of the major cities/counties. This list is not guaranteed to be complete because such laws can be enacted with little to no true public notice. The materials do not contain such information enacted by smaller cities/towns and counties.

Every effort is made to keep this data current. The policy is that new content is added after a law is passed and before it goes into effect. Pending laws are indicated along with effective date.