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Maintaining Compliance: Americhek Can Help!

Compliance with the myriad of state laws is a complex subject that constantly affects your company and your hiring procedures. Just when you think you’re on top of it, new legislation is passed. In addition to keeping up with new and existing state laws, there’s also the challenge of when and how to use the various required documents throughout the background screening process. And once the background- report is completed, employers must decide what information is reportable specific to state, county, and local laws. These are just a few of the many challenges employers face when navigating through the background screening process. Because of the many new and existing challenges faced, this would be a great time to review some of the many helpful items found in Americhek’s Resource Library. The Resource Library is located on the bottom, left hand corner of the Home Page, following the log in process.

  • The State Rules Register is designed to help you understand and comply with the myriad of state laws affecting hiring of employees. The goal behind the The State Register is to provide the restrictions, suggested practices, practical tips, and ongoing notifications in an easy to use format and in plain English. Please note that the Register is not to be considered legal advice. If you have specific questions in a state where you may have operations, you should contact local counsel within that state.
  • Disclosure and Authorization Form (In California) is FCRA compliant, was written by an employment attorney, and provided as a courtesy for our clients. This document has verbiage specific to California Law.
  • Disclosure and Authorization Form (Outside California) is FCRA compliant, was written by an employment attorney, and can be used for all states outside of California
  • FCRA Summary of Rights – Its required uses are outlined in The State Rules Register.
  • CA Summary of Consumer Rights – Its required uses are also outlined in The State Register.
  • Terms and Definitions – An alphabetized list of legal terms and definitions used when reporting misdemeanors and felonies.

There are numerous other items found in the Resource Library that we hope you find useful. We understand that legal compliance is part of any background screening program and we will continue to share new and existing legislation that will assist you in maintaining FCRA compliance. It is advisable that employers conducting background checks on applicants and employees consult counsel to review forms and processes to ensure compliance with FCRA, State, and Local regulations.