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Drug Screening: QUICK and EASY

Prescription drug abuse has been referred to as an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, yet frequently abused drugs like oxycodone are not targeted in common drug screen panels.

The need for improved drug screening has been met by eScreen, Americhek’s drug screening partner, by introducing the xCup! This urine-based system enables you to screen for up to TEN commonly abused drugs and the test results are available within five minutes. The results are captured electronically and through Americhek’s integration with eScreen, are available for viewing on your candidate’s background report within an hour after the completion of the test. Some of the highlights of this new product include:

  • The xCup urine drug test screens up to 10 illicit and prescription drugs (plus specimen validity test)
  • The xCup enables you to choose from six standard panel options that test from five to ten drug classes based on your needs and policies.
  • This system is available nationally through the eScreen occupational health network with new sites being added every week.
  • Negative Test Results available within an hour
  • Non-Negative samples are sent to the lab for confirmatory testing, and then on to an independent medical review officer (MRO) for final determination. Real Time status updates are reported electronically throughout the testing process.

Please contact Americhek for additional information on how your company can simply and easily implement a drug screening program that meets that specific needs of your company.